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Zhenjiang Rays Traffic Tech Co.,Ltd. is renowned for advanced and reliable retroreflectometer measurement solutions. Over the years, Rays Traffic has in-depth cooperation and joint R&D with the China Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport.

The retroreflection measurement standard device supplied by Rays Traffic has served many transportation departments, traffic inspection agency, laboratories in different countries.

Rays Traffic is leading visibility retroreflectormeter supplier for pavement markings, road studs, and road signs in China. We mainly serve transportation authorities, road construction laboratories, grade A & B traffic inspection agency, project acceptance agency, road marking paint factories, road safety reflective materials factories, road marking projects contractors, etc. High retroreflection in highways, city roads, airport markings and road signs can reduce traffic accidents and save lives.

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The language of retroreflectometer is Chinese, English(optional), other language customized. Real time voice broadcast language can be Chinese and English.

Most of our road marking retroreflectometer, and road sign retroreflectometer include blue tooth printer, you can printer the measurement value in site.

We provide factory calibration certificate with device package. As every country has their own calibration standard, some customers will do calibration in local, some countries accept Chinese Standard calibration standard.

The commonly used calibration plate is made of marking tape. With the passage of time and daily use, the glass beads on the calibration plate will wear or fall off, and the retroreflection coefficient will decay. This requires calibration once a year.

The retroreflectometer device package is not heavy, if quantity is below 5 sets, we can ship by express directly. If order quantity is large, we can ship by sea.

All of our retroreflectometer can store measurement data, most device can export data to computer in Excel format.

We often OEM & ODM for different customers, especially branding customers, if qty is more than 20 sets, we can change product color and welcome words.

For retroreflectometer with standard configuration, we have enough in stock, and can arrange shipment within 3 days after receipt of payment. If the order quantity is large, or need customized service, we can discuss the delivery period.

Calibration plates for pavement marking retroreflectometer can be calibrated at your local metrology institute, or we can send you a new set of calibration plates.

Our road marking retroreflectometer can test white and yellow color road lines. White and yellow have different sensitivities to the spectrum. Our road marking retroreflectometer has adjusted the coefficient internally, so after the white is calibrated, the yellow marking line can be directly measured. One calibration can save annual calibration costs.

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