Zehntner ZRM6014 Marking Retroreflectometer RL-Qd

Leading retroreflectometer factory for pavement markings, road signs & reflective cloths


  • Determination of night visibility (RL) of road and airport markings
  • Determination of day visibility (Qd) of road and airport markings
  • Use on all types of road and airport markings
  • Field and laboratory use
  • Quality assessment
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Product Summary

1. Introduction:

Zehntner ZRM6014 marking retroreflection measurement is a portable retroreflectometer for pavement markings. It can measure both night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) for all types of road and airport markings. It is suitable for road traffic authorities, road labs, project acceptance agency, road marking paint factories, road marking contractors, etc.

2. Advantages:

Tech Specs


Proceq/Zehntner ZRM 6014


Touchscreen 5.7“ colour TFT (LCD), LED backlight, VGA resolution


1 GB internal flash memory

Measurement Modes:

RL dry (night visibility)
RL wet (night visibility)
Qd (day visibility)
°C/°F (ambient temperature)
rH % (relative humidity)

Measuring Area:

(WxL): 52mm x 218mm (2.05" x 8.58")

Measuring Range:

RL: 0 – 4’000 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Qd: 0 – 400 mcd•m-2•lx-1

Measuring Accuracy:

Repeatability ± 2 %

Observation Angle:

EN 1436 & ASTM E2302: 2.29°
ASTM E1710: 1.05°

Illumination Angle:

RL: EN 1436: 1.24°
RL: ASTM E1710: 88.76°
Qd: diffuse

Reporting software:

Includes mapping and data analysis software MappingTools

Operating Temperature:

-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)


7.6 kg (16.76 lbs )


High-resolution Camera
Optional compass and level-meter
GPS, internal printers

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