ZMM5000 Road Marking Thickness Gauge Zehntner

Leading retroreflectometer factory for pavement markings, road signs & reflective cloths


  • For traffic authorities, road laboratories, manufacturers of road markings and contractors
  • Use on all types of road and airport markings
  • Field and laboratory use
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Product Summary

1. Introduction:

ZMM5000 digital road marking thickness gauge is a rapid measurement of dry film thickness. It can measure the height of pavement marking lines. It is suitable for road traffic authorities, road labs, project acceptance agency, road marking paint factories, road marking contractors, etc.

2. Advantages:

Tech Specs


Proceq/Zehntner ZMM5000


Digital screen

Measuring Area:

min. 67 mm x 100 mm (2.64“ x 3.94“)

Measuring Range:

version 5000.mm: -12.5 mm to +12.5 mm
version 5000.inch: -0.5“ to +0.5“ changeable to -12.5 mm to +12.5 mm


880 g (1.9 lbs)

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