Zehntner ZRM 6006 Marking Retroreflection RL-Qd

Leading retroreflectometer factory for pavement markings, road signs & reflective cloths


  • Determination of night visibility (RL) of road and airport markings
  • Determination of day visibility (Qd) of road and airport markings
  • Use on all types of road and airport markings
  • Field and laboratory use
  • Quality assessment
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Product Summary

1. Introduction:

Zehntner ZRM 6006  Marking Retroreflection is a portable retroreflectometer for pavement markings. It can measure both night visibility (RL) and day visibility (Qd) with the touch of a button. It is suitable for road traffic authorities, road labs, project acceptance agency, road marking paint factories, road marking contractors, etc.

2. Advantages:

Tech Specs


Proceq/Zehntner ZRM 6006


Transflective luminous LCD display with LED backlightn



Measurement Modes:

RL dry (night visibility)
RL wet (night visibility)
Qd (day visibility)
°C/°F (ambient temperature)
rH % (relative humidity)

Measuring Area:

(WxL): 52mm x 218mm (2.05" x 8.6")

Measuring Range:

RL: 0 – 4’000 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Qd: 0 – 400 mcd•m-2•lx-1

Measuring Accuracy:

Repeatability ± 2 %

Observation Angle:

EN 1436 & ASTM E2302: 2.29°
ASTM E1710: 1.05°

Illumination Angle:

RL: EN 1436: 1.24°
RL: ASTM E1710: 88.76°
Qd: diffuse


6.4kg (14.1 lbs)

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